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Creating Successful Schools

By providing education, you are making an astounding difference in the world. helps you succeed in the education industry by providing you with the services needed to start your own school. In addition to buying and selling schools, we also offer consulting services to existing institutions.

Private School Start-Up

We have more than 30 years of experience in school formation, marketing, and development. With our help, you are able to form all types of educational facilities, including domestic and international K-12 schools, preschools and post-secondary institutions. Some of the services we offer include:

• Site Identification, Acquisition & Development
• Liaising with Architectural & Other Professionals
• Development of School Vision, Mission Statement & Branding
• Marketing
• Recruiting
• Systems Development
• Operations Management

Professional Consulting Services for Schools

We offer extensive consulting services to existing schools, colleges, universities, and alumni associations. Our services include:

• Preparing Business & Strategic Plans
• Marketing
• General Recruiting
• Head of School & Senior Management Team Recruiting
• Board of Directors Advisory Services
• Fundraising Campaign Development
• Accreditation & Licensing
• Ongoing Management Support
• Expansion
• New Program Development (Including International Programs)

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